7 Best and Easiest Ways to Become an Excellent Programmer


A good programmer should maintain a continuous path of improvement because life is dynamic. Therefore, this post seeks to share out practical insights on how to be a good programmer. Here, you will discover seven easy ways of sharpening your programming skills. Read on to discover more and catapult your career to the peak.

Write and Then Write

Writing lies at the heart of coding. Therefore, write more and more if you want to become a perfect programmer. Otherwise, your skills will gather dust, rust, and go to waste. Writing more will also expose you to greater learning opportunities. For example, more practice will let you discover your shortcomings and your need for improvement.

Network, Don’t Just Work

We started by working more on your code-writing skills. However, hardworking is not enough. Therefore, you also need networking. By networking, you will get an opportunity to learn from your seniors in the field. Also, networking exposes you to quality feedback that will enable you to improve, learn from, and correct your mistakes. This way, it becomes easier for you to become a good programmer.


Do you still want to become a good programmer? Then asking should be a part of your nature because you are not the first or only programmer in your niche. Asking will provide you a chance to learn from other programmers’ rich experiences, successes, and mistakes. When asking, you need to know the right people to ask and where to find them. For example, you can find your fellow programmers on question and answer platforms. Here are some of the platforms that can assist you in asking and getting appropriate answers:

  • Stack Overflow

This platform is the world’s largest online community for programmers. It provides them with opportunities for learning, asking, sharing, and even finding programming jobs.

  • Quora

This online community answers almost any question under the sun. People share their professional knowledge, quality insights, and relevant answers here.

Get Communal

Every good programmer who wants to polish their skills must acknowledge the fact that you can run faster alone but go farther together. Therefore, embracing a community mindset and culture is mandatory. You need to join communities to hook up and hang out with fellow programmers. You may never know who you may meet next. It could be your next mentor or mentee will be there. Communities will provide you with opportunities to share what you have to benefit others. When you discover other people depend on you for their advancement, it becomes easier to learn more. Consequently, you keep yourself on toes to develop yourself for other programmers’ sake.

Learn Techniques, Not Just Tools

Well, if you want to become a good programmer, you need to go beyond tools. Why? Because tools, languages, and methods are not permanent. Therefore, focus on the basics and architecture since they are permanent.

Polish Your Soft Skills

Well, if you thought that mastering technical jargon and processes alone will make you a good programmer, think again. You also need to polish your soft skills because programming is a human skill that benefits people. Therefore, develop your people skills. You should learn how to work with people across all divides as clients and fellow workers. Otherwise, all your other skills will help you little if people are not in the right place.

Remind Yourself

Lastly, you need to learn how to remind yourself if you want to get good at coding. It is always wise to take time and refresh yourself in the things you learned in the coding school. Otherwise, you will end up with rusting knowledge. Consequently, you will become outdated and unable to meet current challenges and needs facing your niche or industry.

Closing Remarks

Becoming a good programmer is not an event. Instead, it’s a life process that should continue progressively. You need to commit yourself to personal and communal processes that will sharpen your programming skills. Fortunately, doing so is not rocket science that only a few chosen geeks can master. Now, knowing the seven easiest and best ways on how to be a good programmer, feel free to apply them and take your coding career to the peak.