Corporate site


The corporate site is the site of the company, its official virtual representation on the Internet. The corporate site contains the full amount of information about the company itself, about the scope of its activities, products and services offered. Often on the corporate website place a catalog of products and additional services – a forum, polls, newsletters and the like.

The corporate website allows you to issue online value calculations, sell products, conduct marketing research and promotions, send news to visitors, collect customer feedback, organize voting and much more.


Special attention is paid to design, because the corporate website is first and foremost an image tool. It should match the style of your company, inspire confidence in potential customers, partners and the press.


In the modern world, having a corporate site is essential for any serious company. After all, a site of this type is a very effective means for providing information about an organization on the Internet.

What does corporate site make

Corporate site solves many problems:

  1.  search for new customers and partners;
  2. formation of corporate image;
  3. search for new employees of the company;
  4. convenient and efficient communication with customers and partners.


The content of the corporate site may vary, it depends on the goals and objectives to be solved. This type of site contains many sections: about the company, description of services, articles, news and many others. Creating a corporate website, it is important to take into account the features and advantages of the company, its specifics, therefore, it is best to order the development of such a website from professional experts.


Among the important features of the corporate site are the possibility of quickly updating the materials of the site, which allows in a short time to convey to visitors important and relevant company news.


Also, a corporate site can act as an advertising platform. In comparison with other types of advertising, placing on the website information about the products and services of your company allows you to unobtrusively inform the target audience, while you spend the minimum amount of funds.