Programming sites


What is programming sites

The work on the programming of the site is a step that is to link the management system, design and interface of the site into one. During such work, the logic of contacting the visitor with the site is implemented, and all necessary interactions of the future resource with third-party services, programs, or sites are implemented.

What does it include


Website creation is the design, layout and programming of the site. Appearance is only part of the project work on the preparation of an effective Internet resource. Website programming is a work that binds together the web graphics and the functional component of the resource, it is the layout of the web pages, the integration of the layout in the control system, the output to the interface of the entire working functionality.


Website programming involves using several web technologies in one project, but ultimately, a turnkey website project is a single product that will work as one, the user will have at their disposal convenient interfaces, modules and common software solutions.


Website programming also includes data export / import, integration of functionality with CRM systems, 1C accounting programs, personnel management systems and other automated software complexes of your company or third-party databases.


Depending on the complexity of the tasks, programming sites can take from several days to several months. During this time, developed components and modules can be repeatedly tested, debugged, adjusted. At the same time, programming often has to be performed directly on a functioning website, so it’s impossible to allow its normal operation to be disrupted.


Programming, the most difficult, technologically capacious stage. The quality of programming depends on the possibility of subsequent scaling of the web resource. Changes, technical improvements – an integral part of the successful development of any web project. We should not forget that such professional service as site maintenance is required.